Student services

We support our students to ensure smooth studies and a good study experience.

The well-being of our students is important to us: students that are doing well also get more out of their studies. That’s why there are multiple services offered to our students. Our Learning Services support and help students throughout their studies, and if there are problems with motivation, stress or study skills, our study psychologists are happy to help.

For those who are interested in sports Unisport offers multiple services with student-friendly prices, such as gym memberships, group fitness, team sports and different courses. If you get sick, FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service) helps with questions related to medical care and preventive health care. Students are entitled to use the services once they pay the FSHS fee as a part of the student union (AYY) membership fee.

Those with thirst for new information will find our libraries helpful in both Töölö and Otaniemi. There are a wide range of publications in business related studies to choose form and the libraries also offer study spaces, such as quiet study spaces and computer labs. Unigrafia helps with copying and printing needs.

To make sure our students have a smooth transition from student life to working life, our Career Services offer career counselling, meditate vacant jobs and organize career fairs. ARENA Career Fair in every November is the highlight of the year: 60-70 companies come to the School of Business to present their companies and career opportunities as well as to meet with our students.

As a student you are entitled to many other discounts and benefits, such as housing, cheaper bus and train tickets, and meals with student-friendly prices.

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Information about the facilities in Töölö and Otaniemi, the opening hours, and restaurants.


Student activities

Aalto University Student Union

All Aalto University students undertaking bachelor’s or master’s degrees are members of Aalto University Student Union (AYY). At AYY service points you can pick up your student card as well as a new sticker for it, as well as rent AYY’s facilities or van. AYY also rents apartments for students and organizes various events for students.


Aalto University Business Students (KY) makes sure the students of the School of Business are heard across the university and offers multiple opportunities to balance out the studying. KY’s several clubs and organizations organize numerous events annually, and it is easy for new students to participate right from the beginning of their studies. KY’s facilities are located in Töölö at the KY Building (Pohjoinen rautatiekatu 21 B) and in Otaniemi (Konemiehentie 4).


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