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Theory meets the skills needed for the business world when you are studying with us. The studies are practical, challenging and include working together. See how our students feel about studying here.

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Elina Nummela, 2nd year student

‘My first year at Aalto University School of Business was an amazing experience and it taught me a lot. One of the most important skills I leaned during the year were teamwork skills. The courses include plenty of group work and challenge us to solve problems creatively. The applied exercises are surely challenging, but succeeding in them is rewarding. However, I feel that the work load depends on your own goals and starting points.

The best things about the School of Business are the variety of choices and the active students. Community and the excitement of students are strongly present in the countless activities. It is fun to see how many different skills the students have, both inside and outside the lecture halls.’

Elina Nylund.jpg

Elina Nylund, Master level, 2nd year student

‘I started my studies in Aalto BIZ in Corporate Communication Master’s Programme. I also got accepted to the CEMS MIM programme, which is a great opportunity to create an international network and gain more practical experience about the business field.

For me the best qualities of Aalto BIZ are its international atmosphere, good quality teaching and wide range of studies available. Aalto BIZ offers an inspiring and challenging study environment, and there are plenty of extracurricular activities as well. I have enjoyed participating in KY activities, and it’s been nice to see that it’s easy to get involved even during Master's studies.’


Valtteri Ahonen

Valtteri Ahonen, 3rd year student

‘After having studied a few years at Aalto, I’m even more certain that peers, community and the opportunities and networks offered by these are getting more and more important when you think of why studying is worth your time. It is also a fact that good facilities and quality teaching are significant factors in creating this community.

The School of Business has amazing connections to interesting companies in Finland and abroad, and it shows in teaching and offers good insights when I ponder on my future career choices. I have done interesting, even cool, things with smart people, both in lecture halls and outside them.

As Aalto University develops, the amount of opportunities for students just keeps on growing: I’m almost sad that I won’t be able to take advantage of all of them.’

 Stella Kallionpää

Stella Kallionpää, 5th year student

‘The most satisfying thing has been coursework in motivated groups, not to mention the knowledgeable and inspiring lecturers. Academic freedom suits me perfectly, but reminds me how you usually get as much out of university studies as you put in.

The best thing about the Töölö Campus is its locatiostudents and teaching staff. The lecture halls, study rooms, cafeterias, KY Building, Helsinki city centre and connections are all nearby. Centralising study in the main building also creates a cohesive atmosphere - for example, you almost always run into someone you know in the cafeteria.’


Esa Salomaa (kuva: Markus Helaniemi)

Esa Salomaa, 4th year student

'Studying at the School of Business has been exciting: the basic courses, in particular, provide students with information from several different fields. This has given me new perspective on topical news events and other matters. The best part of studying, however, has definitely been the people I’ve met. 

The Töölö campus is an interesting area. Students with different major subjects may study in different parts of the campus, but the overall location in the city centre of Helsinki is excellent.'



 Jane Ora

Jane Ora, graduated

‘Studying at the School of Business is independent and challenging, but also rewarding. Different types of group work and projects for companies lend a practical aspect to studies, while developing presentation, teamwork and project management skills, which are surely also useful in the workplace.

The student life here is very active: there are events, trips, clubs and organised activities for everyone. Whatever you want to get into - it's all up to you. During my time here, I've had amazing experiences, got to know great people and, of course, learned so much. I couldn't have picked a better place to study at!’


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