CEMS MIM 'crown model' application

Application to the "crown model" CEMS MIM (66 ECTS) is open to students already enrolled in one of Aalto University’s study programmes, either at Master’s level or in the last year of their Bachelor’s studies.

Starting from fall 2017 CEMS MIM at Aalto is also offered as part of the new Global Management Master's Programme. Application information for the new Global Management Master's programme (including CEMS MIM) is available on the Global Management programme web page .

Two ways to CEMS MIM at Aalto


More detailed information about the CEMS MIM (66 ECTS) programme can be found in the CEMS MIM Student Guide and Graduation rules (2016-17 version). Please read the information on this page and in the linked documents carefully if planning to apply. Also, please take note of the FAQ at the bottom of this page.


Next application period to the 'crown model CEMS MIM':

November 15, 2017 - December 15, 2017


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2018 CEMS MIM (crown) eligibility criteria


Who is eligible to apply

Students from all Aalto Master’s programmes are eligible to apply to CEMS MIM.

In addition, Aalto Bachelor’s students in their last year of studies can apply, given that they 1) have been given the automatic study right to continue on Master's level upon Bachelor's graduation, and 2) will officially graduate before August 1, 2018 and directly continue to Master’s studies. In this case, MIM selection will be conditional until the Master’s student status has been obtained.

The following basic eligibility requirements apply to all:

1. Pre-requisite studies: minimum 60 ECTS business related studies at university level.

Both Bachelor’s and Master’s studies are considered, and the requirement must be met before August 1, 2018. An applicant can be selected with less studies, but possible selection would be conditional, until the requirement is met.

2. Language proficiency in two languages.

i. English (all applicants must provide accepted proof of proficiency, see http://www.cems.org/mim/how-to-apply/common-application-requirement

NOTE: In this year's Crown CEMS application, we are able to accept test scores from English tests taken up until the Dec 15th application deadline, as long as the final results are submitted to the Aalto CEMS office by January 18th 2018. In this case, the applicant should submit a copy of their test registration with their application.

(EDIT 11.12.2017: As the December test dates filled up quickly, we have been able to extend the deadline and can accept English tests taken up to early January, as long as the results are available by the Assessment Day 30.1.2018.)

ii. a CEMS Language (mother tongue or level B1/B2 proficiency)

iii. additional languages are a plus, but not required

Please see the attachment 2018 CEMS MIM (crown) eligibility criteria for details.

3. Applicants must meet the eligibility conditions for regular MSc exchange.

In the School of Business, no prior MSc level exchange can be taken prior to CEMS MIM. The exchange will form the minor studies in the MSc (as International Study Module). Students in other Aalto schools should contact their own study coordinator / exchange office to confirm their specific eligibility requirements. Typically, the exchange studies must be included in the student's regular Master's studies (HOPS). Minimum accepted Grade Point Average is 3.0.


Student selection process and criteria

Phase 1 - Online application with supporting documents

November 15, 2017 - December 15, 2017 (12:00 noon)

Phase 2 - Interviews and further assessment

Assessment day at the Aalto University School of Business on Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

In force majour cases (e.g. a student exchange) please contact cems [at] aalto [dot] fi in advance to discuss the possibility for a Skype interview.


Based on the Phase 1 applications, a select group of applicants will be invited to Phase 2 assessment. In addition to the basic eligibility requirements listed above, the following aspects of the 'ideal CEMS student profile' are considered when evaluating applicants' suitability for the programme:

Intellectual potential & knowledge

  • Ability to analyze, learn and reflect
  • Academic excellence

Attitude & soft skills

  • Desire to achieve, strive for results
  • Interpersonal skills: accurate understanding of others, learning from others, ability to convince
  • Integrity
  • Critical thinking
  • Motivation for the MIM program

International orientation

  • Language skills
  • International orientation: curiosity for differences, sensitivity & adaptability

Final selections for the programme will be made by early February. Students will be asked to confirm their participation in the programme within a few days from receiving the results. Exchange allocation is done after student confirmations.


How to apply


Phase 1 - Online application with supporting documents

Fill out the online application form – link provided on this Aalto CEMS application page by Nov 15, 2017.

Required attachments (5), all to be uploaded in electronic format

1. Motivation video, max. 2 minutes, in English, in which you discuss at least the following questions: 1. Why am I applying to this programme? 2. Why  and how would specifically the CEMS MIM advance my career? 3. Why should I be selected?

2. CV (Include work experience, possible positions of trust, extracurricular activities, and international experience – anything that helps the selection jury form a holistic picture of you as an applicant.)

3. Language certificates/other proof of language proficiency.  The formal requirements for English proficiency, as outlined on the cems.org website, are strictly followed. For all other languages, the approach is more flexible, and supporting documentation can include various items: language certificates, study transcripts with language courses (preferably with course descriptions), certificates of work conducted in a foreign country or in an international environment, etc. Informal letter explaining e.g. time spent abroad for any reason, hosting foreign exchange students, etc can also be useful. Please submit all evidence you consider valuable in demonstrating your actual language proficiency level.

4. Copy of transcript of grades.  Grade reports should include both Bachelor’s degree courses and Master’s level courses to-date. The transcript must show that you have completed the minimum requirement of 60 ECTS business related studies. If your Bachelor’s degree is in a field other than Business, please highlight all the courses you would propose to be counted. Course descriptions should be included, in cases where the course title does not tell enough about the content.

5. Include a copy of your current, approved HOPS form  (or equivalent personal study plan, as applies to schools other than the School of Business).

For the School of Business students the MSc HOPS must include ‘International Study Module’ as the minor. Students from schools other than the School of Business: please make sure to clearly indicate where the CEMS exchange studies will fit in your Master’s study plan. Feel free to ask your department’s study coordinator for assistance or for a blank HOPS form, if necessary.

Applicants still enrolled in a Bachelor’s program should include their Bachelor’s level HOPS together with a clear timeline for graduating before August 1, 2018. In addition, please include a draft of your Master’s HOPS or study plan. You will not be able to complete a MSc HOPS in the online system, but feel free to use e.g. an excel sheet for this.


Phase 2 - Interviews and further assessment

Based on the applications, a select group of applicants will be invited to the assessment day at the Aalto University School of Business on January 30, 2018. However, in case of a force majour (e.g. a student exchange) please contact cems [at] aalto [dot] fi in advance to discuss the possibility for a Skype interview.

Applicants selected for the assessment center (or interview) will receive their invitation by January 19, 2018. Please reserve the whole day for the assessment. The individual interview time is non-negotiable.


Final selections

Final student selections will be made by early February. Students will be asked to confirm their participation in the programme within a few days from receiving the results. Exchange allocation is done after student confirmations, taking into account student preferences as much as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can students from other Aalto schools besides the School of Business apply?

Yes, students from all Aalto schools can apply, provided that they meet the basic requirements for the programme, and their own school's eligibility conditions for MSc exchange.

How many students are selected for the MIM programme at Aalto?

In the past years, our annual cohort size has been around 30 students.

Can I apply to both CEMS MIM and regular Master’s level exchange?

Yes, you can apply to both. If you are selected to CEMS MIM, your regular exchange application will be cancelled automatically. If you are not selected, your application is still active in the regular exchange selection round.

Can I select the tri-national track at Aalto?

Tri-national track, i.e. completing both MIM semesters at CEMS schools abroad, is not available for Aalto students. All Aalto CEMSies spend one semester at Aalto University, and one at another CEMS school.

What’s the average GPA of students selected to CEMS MIM?

As academic performance is just one element of CEMS student selection, the average GPA has not been calculated. The minimum accepted Grade Point Average is the same as for regular MSc exchange, 3.0. However, CEMS students are expected to show good work ethic, perform well and receive consistently good grades in all their studies.

I have received a qualifying score in the TOEFL English test, but it was four years ago and now my score has expired. Do I need to retake the test?

The CEMS organization considers qualifying English scores to be valid for life, regardless of the validity period that the testing service itself might grant. Thus, if you have once received a qualifying score, there is no need to retake the test for this CEMS MIM Crown model application at Aalto.

Do I need to order an official score report on my English test (IELTS)? Where should I order it to?

There is no need to order official score reports for this Crown model MIM application. A photocopy or printout of your score report is sufficient.

I have a BScBA degree from Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli. Does this meet the English entry requirement for CEMS?

Yes, a Bachelor's degree from a programme instructed entirely in English, in a CEMS or an EQUIS/AACSB accredited institution, is sufficient proof of proficiency. If parts of the programme (e.g. introductory courses or minor studies) were completed in another language, this condition would not be met.

My Bachelor's degree studies were mostly in English - I conducted all the courses in my major, including my Bachelor's thesis, in English. Is this sufficient proof of English proficiency?

No, in order to claim English proficiency based on a 'university degree', you must have completed a university degree entirely in English, in an English speaking country or in a CEMS or EQUIS/AACSB accredited institution. Programmes mostly taught in English (or being currently enrolled in a MSc programme officially run in English) do not meet this requirement.

NEW: If I take the IELTS test on Dec 14th, I won't have the results to submit with my application by Dec 15th. Can I submit the results later?

Yes. In this year's Crown CEMS application, we are able to accept test scores from English tests taken up until early January, as long as the final results are submitted to the Aalto CEMS office by January 30th 2018. In this case, you should submit a copy of your test registration showing the test date with your application. (edited 11.12.2017)

What’s included in ‘Business related studies’ for the 60ECTS minimum requirement?

Business related studies is a relatively flexible concept – in addition to traditional business courses, subject areas like economic history, political economy, math and statistics, communications, etc might be accepted. It is a good idea to include course descriptions if you have completed courses with vague or unspecific topics.

I’m working full-time. Can I still participate in the programme?

CEMS MIM offers an intensive and demanding year of studies, international events, and extra-curricular activities. Many courses are time consuming and require active participation. In addition, the wisdom from earlier students has been that the more time and energy you put in your CEMS life, the more you get out in the end. Thus, we do not recommend that students work during their MIM studies, but use their time towards their studies and the MIM experience.

Will my study right be extended for CEMS studies?

No. With careful planning, the MIM year should not extend your studies significantly beyond the target times.

What if I don’t like my exchange allocation and cancel my enrollment – can I re-apply next year?

If a student cancels their participation in CEMS after being selected, they would not be eligible to re-apply in subsequent years. Please also keep in mind that students are selected and should apply for the entire programme and to become members of the CEMS community, not for a specific exchange location.


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