Internship experiences

Many School of Business students conduct an internship during their studies. Five of our students will tell about their internship experiences.



Ville Vahteri, Slush 2014 Event

"During my first years of studies I was really active in different student organizations. This brought me a great opportunity to go and be part of organizing a unique SLUSH Event. As I wanted to also go forward with my studies, I decided to go through with this job opportunity as a form of an internship.

As a voluntary recruitment manager I was responsible, aside with my colleague, for recruiting, training and leading the volunteers as well as the volunteer and customer experience planning and developing. I also handled assisting marketing tasks. This two-day-event, organized in Messukeskus, brought together more than 14 000 participants from 79 different countries. From technical production Slush 2014 was one of the biggest events held in Finnish history.

I was able to gather six credits from this internship, but above all, it was a magnificent experience! This internship gave me valuable contacts and taught me important leadership and organizational skills. It developed my ability to work under pressure in a hectic international environment, and in particular, gave me first-hand know-how about the entrepreneurship – my dream!"





Ilse Larsen, Nordea

"My tasks included, in addition to the calculation of value funds, assisting in other value accounting tasks, such as funds’ property inspections.

I highly recommend other students to apply for an internship and to include it as part of their studies. In my work, I saw concretely, how I could use the knowledge learned from the external accounting and finance courses, in my everyday practical work and practical assignments. During my internship, I also got an idea of ​​how the business really works and what kind of abilities are expected of us students after graduation. Participation in internship prepared me for the time after graduation, since this is how I became much more aware of, what kinds of tasks would really interest me in the future.

I feel that, in addition to the aspects mentioned above, the greatest benefit of my internship was the fact, that I decided to pursue towards my dream job and finally got it. My experience at the Nordea Group was not in vain, because I think that the skills I acquired during my internship, played a great role in me being elected into the Nordea Graduate program."





Iida Korhonen, Permanent Mission of Finland, United Nations, New York

"My job in the Permanent Mission of Finland, United Nations in New York, included observing the sessions of the Committee and reporting about them. I also studied UN Secretary General’s administrative and budget advisory Committee ACABQ's reports and searched important and interesting information from them to Permanent Mission of Finland to use. In addition, I followed a lot my supervisor in various meetings and reported about them into Helsinki, if needed. I got a chance to get to know all the diplomats of the Committee as well as other interns from different countries. I met inspiring people and interesting discussions with them turned out to be one off the best aspects of my internship period. During autumn 2013 there was in total 11 interns in the YKE and consulate. My colleagues in a Finnish embassy were very skilful and truly passionate about their work, which took the hold of us interns too. There was a lot of work to do, but it was done in a good spirit.

I learned a lot about the oral and written communication. Making a good impression requires substantive competencies in addition to empathy. It also requires the ability to stand out from other speakers with your own charisma, or for example, with your good reputation. I got the chance to follow good performers, who had the skills and great ability to argue and counter argue in the different negotiation situations. EU's and UN's power relations were very interesting to learn about during my internship. This really broadened my knowledge of EU functions and I was able to familiarize myself with all the UN sub-regions."





Suvi Pitkänen, ABB

"I worked, alongside my studies, in an electrical technology company ABB has a HR intern. My duties included assisting the Employer Branding & Recruiting team in different HR related tasks. As I was involved in employer image marketing, my most important tasks included organizing student visits, recruitment fairs and other events and acting as company representative, to name a few. In addition, I assisted in recruitment related administrative tasks and in internal communications.

I conducted my internship period as I was a fourth year student. That was the time when I was also about to start my master’s degree studies Management as my major. Being able to get practical work experience in my own specialization field, human resource management, brought me a lot of insight in this field.  Working in the large multinational company gave me an opportunity and a front row seat to watch how the HR functions work in the large corporations. I was able to find a lot of attachment points/ junctions between my studies and “real life”. I think that I was able to benefit a lot when working as a HR intern. It helped me to understand and to conceptualize the extent of the HR world. The fact that many questions do not even have the right answers increased my interest towards HR. The best things during my internship were not only the lovely and competent colleagues of mine, but also the fact, that I was included in a series of meetings and projects, which broadened my knowledge of HR work even further.

My internship experience was very successful and it gave me motivation to finalize my master studies. I was also able to conduct my master’s thesis for ABB from an interesting topic that was part of my everyday work.  In addition, this internship period gave me valuable experience in my own field of specialization. My next job in the HR sector was found immediately after the internship. My future career in mind, this internship gave me valuable work experience."





Aamer Chaichee, Dingle

"Internship as the integration of school and working life is a splendid idea! I was working at Dingle, one of the leading social media offices of Finland, during my internship period. The lessons that I learned in marketing courses came into theoretical practice. Exciting customer cases and a great work environment made the work fun as well as educational. I would recommend warmly for each student to conduct an internship period. It will offer you a possibility to apply what you have learned in school into practice and will give you a great opportunity to meet and mingle with your future colleagues.”

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