Meet our faculty: Assistant professor Yao Pan


Yao Pan works as Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics of the Aalto University School of Business. The position is part of the tenure track system. Pan completed her doctorate at the esteemed George Washington University in the United States, where she also acted as a teacher and course assistant for a significant period of time.

In her research, Pan has concentrated particularly on development economics and labour economics. She says that the majority of the subjects of her research are located in China and Uganda. In her research work, she is motivated by the desire to find ways to alleviate poverty.

’Why some countries are experiencing fast growth but others remain poor? How to reduce poverty? What is the impact of programs targeting on reducing poverty? What are the best combinations of poverty alleviation tools? My research is inspired by all these questions’, Pan explains.

The tenure track system appealed to the newly graduated doctor, as in Pan’s opinion, the system places sufficient value on high quality research. In particular, she finds that not having to spend an unreasonable amount of time on administrative tasks gives her the freedom to really concentrate on her own research.

’This enables me to focus on the development of professional skills in the early stages of my career’, Pan says. This also has a positive impact on the work atmosphere.

‘The evaluation is based on personal performance and outcome, which promotes collaboration and reduces competition between colleagues.’

‘I really appreciate that almost everyone here can speak English.’

At least so far, moving to Finland does not seem to have resulted in a major culture shock. Pan states that she enjoys the atmosphere in Finland, and particularly – like so many who have moved here from abroad – the beauty and closeness of nature. The good language skills of the Finns form another positive factor.

‘As a foreigner, I really appreciate that almost everyone here can speak English.’

From her career at Aalto, the assistant professor expects flexibility in the implementation of teaching and research and enough support for conducting her own research.

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