Research focus areas

Department of Management Studies

  • Education, professional practice, and developmental work
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, and design
  • Human resource management, gender and diversity in working life
  • Responsibility and sustainability issues
  • Global business, strategy, and institutions
  • Human resources, communities, and leadership
  • Corporate and organizational communication
  • Strategy-as-practice/discourse-as-practice
  • Media management

Department of Accounting

  • Management accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Audit
  • Corporate governance
  • Service economy
  • Innovation research
  • Taxation

Department of Marketing

  • Business Networks
  • Strategic Marketing (including marketing finance and design, fashion and luxury marketing)
  • Consumer Cultures and Behavior
  • Retail and Sales

Department of Finance

  • Behavioral finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Asset pricing

Department of Economics

  • International Trade (including development economics)
  • Financial Economics
  • Applied Microeconomics (including environmental economics, labour markets, personnel economics, productivity, competition theory, and game theory).

Department of Information and Service Economy

  • e-business
  • Decision Support Technology
  • Risk Management Technology
  • Configuration of Service Networks
  • Economics of Innovation
  • Quantitative Methods