Tenure track

Aalto University is an international community of approximately 4 000 staff members and 20 000 students, which offers its staff an inspiring working environment, challenging tasks, good working conditions and encouraging career systems. As an employer, the university focuses particularly on the well-being of its employees and on developing their competences. Aalto University School of Business is an international community of approximately 450 staff members and 2 700 students.

Aalto University inaugurated at the beginning of 2010. Aalto University builds on Finnish values and strengths to become an international university of world-class stature.

Extensive domestic and overseas networks and good relations with the society around it guarantee that we can constantly remain at the forefront of innovation and development. The University campuses are located in Finland (Helsinki, Espoo, Lahti, Mikkeli, Pori and Vaasa).

Tenure track career system

Tenure track is the core academic career system of Aalto University. Aalto tenure track offers well-supported career path aimed at the Professorial level for successful academics.The tenure track system is based on the principle of commitment to the academic career from both the university and the individual. Aalto tenure track offers clearly defined expectations as well as adequate resources and support, including competence development. Aalto provides many forms of support for professional growth and competence development, as well as support for knowledge sharing and well-being. These include, for instance, health care, sports activities, and services for international employees.

Introducing Aalto University Tenure Track Professor Sammy Toyoki from the School of Business.

Tenure track levels

The Aalto tenure track structure consists of three basic levels. Applicants may be recruited to any of the levels, depending on their prior experience. The tenure track levels are:

  1. Assistant Professor (1st and 2nd term), fixed term
  2. Associate Professor, tenured/fixed term
  3. Full Professor, tenured

In addition, the Aalto tenure track includes an additional level, reserved to Full Professors with exceptional academic merits:

  • Distinguished Professor, tenured

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The Professor of Practice Position

Professor of Practice provides a mechanism through which practical societal knowledge transfers to the university community. It provides an opportunity to engage qualified business and public sector leaders who have had major impact in fields important to Aalto University School of Business. 

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Other Academic Positions

Other academic position includes lecturers,  Postdoctoral Researchers, Staff and Senior Scientist -positions.

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Career Path: Charlotta Sirén

Charlotta_Siren_nettiin.jpgI work as a Postdoctoral researcher in the entrepreneurship unit of the School of Business. My work takes me into constant contact with creativity, entrepreneurship and innovativeness. My days consist of both research and education, which together have allowed me to meet interesting entrepreneurs, and take part in the development of new startups.

I started as an entrepreneur and investor while I was studying for my Master’s degree at University of Vaasa. I’ve learnt that an academic career and entrepreneurship are not that far from each other. Being ready to learn something new all the time, creativity, responsibility for your own work and passionate devotion are necessary for both.
Especially the international aspect of academic work fascinates me. As a researcher I’m part of international competition, the issues I research are global and I can cooperate with my colleagues around the world. Consequently, as an entrepreneurship researcher I can position myself in any country. For example, I worked on my thesis that I finished in the spring of 2014 on three continents: Europe, North America and Australia.


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