Reasons to donate to economics and business

By donating you support our students

Your donation supports future professionals. The core of our School is our students and their learning.

Theory Meets Practice

For our students, we offer a profound learning experience in an international and multi-disciplinary environment.

Our graduates are real specialists in their own field. They have the skills to discuss, question and solve social problems in a responsible manner. This is ensured by the nature of our top-quality teaching in business and economics. The core of these studies is formed by real world challenges: real cases, student projects and work practises, among others.

We help the students to develop an international way of thinking with the help of study exchanges, work placements abroad and multinational teaching programmes.

We offer our students multi-disciplinary courses and programmes taught by inspiring academic staff as well as top-level teaching in business and economics. Our aim is to provide more spaces to support diverse types of study, the Learning Hub at the Töölö campus being one of them.

To be able to continue this work, we need your support.

In the Master's Programme in Creative Sustainability, students develop sustainable solutions in which economics, design, landscape architecture and urban planning are combined.

For example, your donation allows us to provide study exchange opportunities for all of our students.


Research requires resources

We do high-quality and multi-disciplinary research which deals with important questions in society. Our specialists work for a better society and extensively participate also in the international research community.

Professors and researchers at Aalto University School of Business carry out wold class research. Sammy Toyoki, in his research, concentrates on consumer culture and identity of organisations.

Your donation enables our researchers to continue their cross-border top research.


Aalto University School of Business works for a better society

The Aalto University School of Business provides support for the development of industry and society. Our students and specialists work closely with key people in society and industry. Our alumni network is wide and in close contact with our school.

In addition to the academic staff, our school employs specialists for Professor of Practice positions and in Executive in Residence tasks. These specialists possess strong professional expertise and have close contacts with the society.

Sixtén Korkman and Pekka Mattila, for example, work under the title of Professor of Practice. Among others, Esko Aho, who was the prime minister of Finland in 1991–1995, works under the title of Executive in Residence.

Knowledge Sharing Breakfast  is a breakfast seminar during which the specialists of the school meet influential people from industry.

Your donation enables us, for example, to employ more top-level professionals to join us. 


Active Alumni Network

”I easily mention that I went to that school as well. That’s what alumni network is about, to us alumni,” describes Riku Asikainen, member of the Alumni Advisory Board.

Our alumni are pacesetters of the society, achievers of the business world. Many of them stay in contact with the their alma mater long after their graduation, and our Alumni Relations make sure the co-operation between the alumni and the school is longstanding and multifaceted.

Every two years we organize an event called Homecoming Day, which gathers our alumni and the leaders of the business world together. The idea is to enable discussions and networking between both parties. The first Homecoming Day was organized in 2014.

We also organize reunions, where classes from the past come together even years after their graduation. Our alumni also join us actively in other ways, for example they participate in company cases for students, events for alumni and students as well as in Alumni Advisory Board.

Alumni Advisory Board is a way for us to strengthen our ties to our alumni. The co-operation with Alumni Advisory Board also helps us to develop our operations even further: the board discusses topics such as alumni relations and the external relations of the School of Business. Alumni Advisory Board is led by the Alumnus of the Year Salla Vainio, and the other members include the chairman of the Economics Students in Helsinki (KY), representatives from the School of Business and naturally other our alumni.

We have approximately 30 000 alumni. The Alumnus of the Year recognition is awarded every two years to an alumnus or an alumna who has significantly participated at the School of Business.

“Good will and friendship are not enough to make alumni activities and this school work. We also need to show our support in monetary contributions.  – Riku Asikainen


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