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Your donation builds the future now that we can not count on the government support as before. As educators and researchers, we build on our strengths as a global business dynamics leader.

By donAalto_BIZ_student_groupwork_05_2013-1976.jpgating you support our students

Our graduates have the necessary knowledge and skills to discuss, question, and solve societal problems responsibly. Read more.





Aalto_BIZ_researchers_05_2013-0582.jpgResearch needs resources

We advance the global body of knowledge in business studies and economics through research with impact. Read more.





Tutkimuksellinen_11022014_13.jpgWe work towards a better world

Our students and valued experts are passionate about developing a better society in partnership with corporations and other organisations. Read more.




lahjoittaminen-alumnit.jpgOur alumni participate and influence

Our alumni are actively involved, both by attending events and by taking part in decision making. Read more.





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The fundraising campaign of Aalto University is now on. Please choose 'business and economics' as the fund on the online donation form.

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