Department of Management Studies

The department hosts  five disciplinary communities: Organization and Management, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Philosophy of Management and Organizational Communication. It is the largest department of the School of Business. Department's pages »


Department of Accounting

The Department of Accounting offers students degree programmes in two different disciplinary communities: Accounting and Business Law. Department's pages »


Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing offers Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degrees that are internationally comparable in quality, innovativeness and timeliness. Department's pages »


Department of Finance

The Department of Finance studies financial markets and the actions and behavior of its institutions and individual actors. Department's pages »


Department of Economics

The department is located in the Economicum building together with the Economics units of the University of Helsinki and the Swedish School of Economics; and the Government Institute for Economic Research (VATT). This location enables close cooperation between the units in teaching as well as in research. Department's pages »


Department of Information and Service Management

Information and Service Management refers to creative use of information and technology in business management and economic analysis. Educational programmes in the field prepare graduates to work on diverse managerial and expert-level tasks of commerce, industry and services in private and public sectors. Department's pages »


The School of Business units


Center for Markets in Transition. Read more »


Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research. Read more »

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