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News: Archive 2012

A place has no spirit without the people

17.01.2012 - The idea for Genius loci book came out of a project exploring the campus identity of the School of Economics and the walking tours arranged at and around the school. A place has no spirit without the people living and working there, and making the place their own, says Docent Annukka Jyrämä. Jyrämä is the second author of the book.

Jaakko Honko medals awarded to six influential in promoting research in business and economics

24.01.2012 Jaakko Honko medals were awarded to six persons who have significantly influenced research in business and economics. The medals were awarded at the School of Economics during the Jaakko Honko Lecture on 23 January 2012.

School of Economics' Doctors awarded in EDAMBA Thesis Competition 2011

31.01.2012 Three Doctors of Science from the School of Economics won Distinguished Paper award in the annual doctoral thesis competition of the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA).

Achievements in Finnish design brought Estlander medals to Aalto University professors

08.02.2012 The Estlander Silver Medals were awarded to Aalto University Professors Kalevi Ekman, Raimo Nikkanen and Markku Salimäki in recognition of significant achievement on behalf of Finnish design. The award ceremony took place at the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 gala in Lahti on 2 February 2012. The gala was one of the WDC year’s signature events.

Communication can influence employee engagement

21.02.2012 - The number one role of internal communications is the line of sight it can create, said David Stoneham, Director of Communications at Nokia.

Business prospects in integrating markets? Experiences of Finnish firms on ASEAN integration

21.03.2012 CEMAT has conducted a study on the operations of Finnish companies in Southeast Asia, focusing on the integration process within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The study mainly enquired how the state-led regional economic integration, i.e. the ASEAN free trade area, affects the business environment of firms located in e.g. Malaysia and Singapore.

The stable and transparent business environment attracts Russian companies to Finland

21.03.2012 Russian companies are more and more interested in investing in Finland. Companies appreciate above all Finland’s stable and transparent environment for doing business.

Traditional company presentations are over: network while running

05.04.2012 In a world where time is money, it is trendy to combine pleasure with benefit. That's usual nowadays also in company presentations: Aalto IB run on 3 May combines networking with running.

School of Economics Maintains Prestigious AACSB Business Accreditation

11.04.2012 Aalto University School of Economics has maintained its business accreditation by AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The School of Economics was awarded AACSB accreditation in 2007 as the first Nordic business school. The accreditation process is renewed every five years.

Registration for Open University summer courses begins on 17 April

12.04.2012 Registration for the summer courses of Aalto University Open University begins on 17 April.

Admission results of the Master´s programmes published

27.04.2012 The admission results of the Master's programmes at Aalto University have been published on 27 April.

Political connections and zoning of ABC service stations

04.05.2012 Heli Huvinen's Finance Master's thesis “Easy as ABC? Political connections and zoning of service station stores” investigates whether the political connections of the S Group coincide with more favorable zoning decisions for the S Group owned ABC service stations compared to the service stations of their less politically connected peers.

Päivi Karhunen from CEMAT selected as Academy Research Fellow

08.05.2012 The Research Council for Culture and Society of the Academy of Finland has selected 16 new Academy Research Fellows for the funding period of 2012-2017.

Doctoral dissertation: Economic crises are managed with collective collateral

10.05.2012 Economy is often understood as a market-controlled phenomenon. When solutions are sought to economic problems, the phrase “the markets have spoken” is used as a justification for the decisions made. The markets are an important control mechanism but they alone cannot explain the functioning of the economy.

Nokia Green Mobility Business Project: Eco-driving most potential for reducing carbon emissions

14.05.2012 The results of the Nokia Green Mobility Project conclude that applications of the 11 countries analysed USA has the largest potential for reducing carbon dioxide emissions via the uptake of mobile. Also the CO2 abatement potential is globally significant.

Doctoral dissertation reveals who profit and who incur losses from provision of immediacy in the stock markets

16.05.2012 While mutual funds and issue of stocks cause price impact, hedge funds and repurchase of shares decrease this. The doctoral dissertation by Kalle Rinne, M. Sc. (Econ.), studies how demand and provision of immediacy affects the market's functioning and what the roles are of different market parties with regard to provision of immediacy.

School of Economics' researchers won the Best Paper Award at NCSB conference

28.05.2012 The study by Dr. Mika Westerlund and Adjunct Professor, Dr. Seppo Leminen of the Aalto University School of Economics, Department of Marketing, has won the Best Paper Award at the 17th Nordic Conference on Small Business Research.

Doctoral dissertation: Domestic investment and exports stimulate most economic growth in Russia

30.05.2012 Domestic investment and exports are among the most important factors for stimulating economic growth across Russia. This is shown in a study by Lic.Sc. Svetlana Ledyaeva for the Aalto University School of Economics.

Manzini: New generation of services bases on sustainability and social innovation

30.05.2012 - There is a new generation of services emerging that blurs the roles of server and user. This change in paradigm is a result of growing number of problems causing need for more and different kind services.

Sixten Korkman appointed as Professor of Practice in Economics

06.06.2012 The dean of Aalto University School of Economics has appointed Sixten Korkman, D. Soc. Sc., as Professor of Practice in Economics for the period of 1.8.2012-31.7.2015. The professorship is at the Department of Economics

EU visibility to Rail Baltica projects

02.07.2012 Rail Baltica Growth Corridor (RBGC) and RBGC Russia were presented in Copenhagen on 18.-19.6.2012 at the BDF Summit and the Annual Meeting of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).

Aalto University Open University autumn 2012 courses published

03.07.2012 Aalto University Open University offers courses in the fields represented by Aalto University.

Aalto University School of Economics is renamed the Aalto University School of Business as of 1 August 2012

04.07.2012 Aalto University School of Economics will be renamed the Aalto University School of Business as of 1 August 2012.

Aalto University School of Economics remains popular

06.07.2012 The number of applicants was 3468, out of whom 311 were admitted.

Video connection decreased loneliness and increased safety

17.07.2012 Advanced technology has a supportive function, bringing new possibilities for the elderly living at home and for their home care. The city of Helsinki tested video phones in home care. Both the nurses’ and the elderly’s experiences of using the technology were very positive.

Aalto EE has risen to the top in Education 2012 survey

13.08.2012 According to the Education 2012 survey, Aalto University Executive Education is the best provider of management education services in Finland. The survey was carried out by Add Value Research for the financial magazine Talouselämä. The weighted corporate image index used in the survey comprised ten qualities.

Doctoral dissertation: Consumers want to be in control of marketing messages

15.08.2012 Most consumers do not like personal marketing messages. Sales phone calls and text messages are considered particularly obtrusive, with consumers preferring marketing in newspapers, catalogues and internet search services as these can be controlled and utilised by the consumer.

Matti Nojonen appointed professor at Tongji University

03.09.2012 Matti Nojonen, who at the moment is working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Aalto University School of Economics, has been appointed professor at Tongji University in Shanghai. Nojonen has been studying the history of ideologies in China, Chinese strategic thinking and the country’s political system and economy for twenty years. At Tongji University, he will be studying regional business models in China.

New students started their studies at School of Business

04.09.2012 The new students of Aalto University School of Business began their studies yesterday, on 3 of September. The orientation week includes getting to know the practices and meet the other students.

Aalto MBA to offer an extensive module in entrepreneurship

06.09.2012 The international Aalto Part-Time MBA program will offer a new elective module focusing extensively on entrepreneurship. The module covers the needs of small start-ups and global corporations alike. The program is offered by Aalto University Executive Education (Aalto EE).

Newspaper readers’ participation remains indirect

10.09.2012 - Newspaper readers mainly take part in the papers’ activities in the social media by distributing content and helping the paper with consumer surveys, says Mikko Villi, researcher from Aalto University School of Business.

Aalto University course explores the future of social cohesion

13.09.2012 How to increase empathy in human interaction or to build collaborative leadership? What is the future of social cohesion like and how can it be achieved?

School of Business continues to do well in the Financial Times ranking of best master’s programmes in business studies

17.09.2012 The master’s degree programme offered by the School of Business is the second best of its kind in the Nordic countries.

Corporate social responsibility is not just a story

19.09.2012 Profit and responsible entrepreneurship cannot be opposite goals for a business - Aalto University School of Business seminar on business ethics was organised as part of the CEMS Master’s programme in International Management.

New key appointments at Aalto EE – fresh international expertise from HEC Paris

20.09.2012 Aalto University Executive Education (Aalto EE) has reinforced its operations with the following key appointments.

The Tenured Professors' Installation Lectures at Aalto University 3.10.2012

02.10.2012 Aalto University celebrates its Tenured Professors with lectures presented by the new tenure track professors of Associate- or Full-level.

Professor Marko Terviö received the Jutikkala Prize of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters

08.10.2012 Marko Terviö, Professor of Economics at the Aalto University School of Business, was awarded the Jutikkala Prize of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters on 8 October 2012.

Aalto Executive MBA Program ranked again the best in the Nordic Countries – Chinese business schools challenge the global competition

15.10.2012 For the second time in a row, the Financial Times has ranked the Aalto Executive MBA Program as the best in the Nordic Countries. The FT evaluates the 100 leading global Executive MBA programs on an annual basis. A total of around 3,000 EMBA programs are offered around the world.

Aalto EE to Explore the Executive Education Markets in the Middle East

16.10.2012 Aalto University Executive Education (Aalto EE) has appointed Captain (retd.), MBA Aki Seeck as a Senior Advisor. Mr. Seeck will concentrate on exploring business opportunities for Aalto EE in the Middle East.

The Virtual World Challenges Leadership

24.10.2012 The ‘Leading in the Virtual World’ program repositions the norms and infrastructure of work

Bachelor-level reform increases multidisciplinarity and skills in bachelor’s degree studies at the School of Business

24.10.2012 The bachelor’s programme beginning in autumn 2013 at the School of Business in Helsinki will undergo a reform in terms of content and teaching methods. The programme will provide the opportunity to take advantage of Aalto University's multidisciplinary nature by combining technology and design with business education.

The Oskari Vilamo Fund awarded Professor Sixten Korkman

08.11.2012 Sixten Korkman, Professor of Economics at the Aalto University School of Business, was awarded the Oskari Vilamo Fund this year's award. The award is a total of 5,000 euros.

ARENA Career Fair 2012 aimed at improving employment of Aalto’s foreign degree students

15.11.2012 - Based on the immediate feedback, both the exhibitors and students were happy with the ARENA Career Fair 2012. We collected written feedback during the fair and will receive it also afterwards which will help us to further develop the fair, says Head of Corporate Relations and Career Services Jonna Söderholm from Aalto University School of Business.

Registration for Open University spring courses starts on November 27

21.11.2012 Registration for the Aalto University Open University spring 2013 Business and Art courses starts between November 27 and 29.

Space tourism game teaches students about business

26.11.2012 In a course entitled Aalto introduction to services, students were introduced to the world of service business through means of a computer game. The business simulation game, focusing on space tourism, can be played online.

Foreign acquisitions can be used as boomerang investments in China

28.11.2012 - Some foreign acquired companies are on the greyzone in China. This means they are in between foreign and domestic companies which makes it a complicated situation, said Professor Claes Alvstam from the University of Gothenburg.

Aalto University School of Business improved its position in the Financial Times ranking

03.12.2012 The Aalto University School of Business was placed 21st in the ‘European Business Schools Ranking 2012’ published by the Financial Times newspaper on 3 December 2012.

Professor Vesa Puttonen: Historical Debt Burden is Preventing New Economic Growth

10.12.2012 Recent economic stimulus measures have intensified the debt spiral for both the public and private sectors.

Experience and challenges make good managers

17.12.2012 How does a manager’s outlook on life affect his or her managerial and strategic decisions? What does a manager need to find in him/herself when taking on new responsibilities and in order to be successful in a new task?

Aalto EE Number One in Education Sector in Taloustutkimus Corporate Image Survey

19.12.2012 Aalto University Executive Education (Aalto EE) earned the top overall rating in a corporate image survey by Finnish market research company Taloustutkimus Oy. The survey covered 26 firms providing education in the Greater Helsinki catchment area. Aalto EE achieved an overall grade of 8.30, while the sector average was 7.68.

Nigerian minister presenting business opportunities to Aalto students

19.12.2012 The Nigerian Minister for Trade and Investment, Olusegun Aganga, gave a speech to the students of Aalto University School of Business on Wednesday, December 12th . The occasion was organized jointly by the Department of Management and International Business and the Aalto University CEMS team.