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The HSE Support Foundation registered foundation (fr) is a legally independent entity founded in 1974. To reach its objectives, the Foundation supports the Aalto University School of Business and individuals employed by or otherwise associated with it, by making various grants and providing other support that promote research and teaching. The Foundation finances its grants with funds obtained from donations and the yield on its assets.

Donations to the HSE Foundation offer businesses and other organizations, alumni and other private persons a natural opportunity to contribute to the development of the Aalto University School of Business. For more information, see Donations to the HSE Foundation.



The target areas of the grants and other support awarded by the HSE Foundation include among others:

  • Scientific research
  • Travel related to the research
  • Grants for theses
  • Projects for delevoping pedagogy
  • Recognition awards

the HSE Foundation awards a yearly amount of about a million euros in grants.

Application periods

The application periods for the grants awarded by the HSE Foundation are in February and September.

The available grants are announced yearly in the beginning of February and September on the homepage of the HSE Foundation.

Donations to the Foundation

Donations to the HSE Foundation provide a good opportunity for businesses and other communities, and also to alumni and private persons to be a part of the development of the HSE Foundation. The different modes of donations provide the right type of donation for each patron, whether in the mode of a permanent fund or as a donation for specific projects. Funds from donations will be used for the purpose deemed important by the patron. The Funds will be invested according to the outline provided by the foundation law. For more information see the folder Donations to the Foundation.

Delegation 2018


Members and deputy member named by the Foundation for Econimic Education

Vuorineuvos Reijo Karhinen / Chairman Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo
Kauppaneuvos Heikki Timonen / Kauppaneuvos Pentti Kivinen
Managing Director Sam G. Nieminen / Managing Director Juha Jouhki
KTT Johanna Vesterinen / Office manager Pirjo Uitto

Members and deputy members names by the Finnish Chamber of Commerce

Managing Director Harri Sailas (Vice Chairman) / Director Taavi Heikkilä
Director A-Mari Kemell / Office manager Pirjo Uitto

Members and deputy members named by the Confederation of Finnish Industries

Kauppaneuvos Heikki J. Aho (Chairman) / Expert Mirja Hannula
Director Riikka Heikinheimo / Expert Outi Ervasti

Members and Deputy members named by Finnish Forest Industries

Economic director Vesa-Pekka Takala / Managing Drector Ville Kopra

Members and deputy members named by Finance Finland

Managing director Piia-Noora Kauppi / Vice Managing Director Esko Kivisaari

Members and deputy members named by Finnish Commerce Federation

Managing Director Catarina Fagerholm / Managing Director Juhani Pekkala

Members and deputy members named by the Aalto University School Business committee for academic affairs

Professor Juhani Vaivio / Professor Henrik Schildt
Professor Virpi Tuunainen / Professor Matti Suominen
Professor Pauli Murto / Professor Tomas Falk

Member and deputy member invited according to Foundation rules 6 §

Dean Ingmar Björkman / Vice Dean Timo Saarinen


Board 2018

Vuorineuvos Kari Jordan, Chairman
Managing Director Elina Björklund, Vice Chairman
KTM Riku Asikainen
KTM Pii Kotilainen
KTM Pekka Laaksonen
Managing Director Salla Vainio

Managing Director

KTM Arto Mäenmaa

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