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ServiceUsage.PNGDid you know that...

  • 44 % of our graduates had been employed full-time for more than 12 months during their studies
  • at the time of graduation, 79 % were already working
  • 25 % continued with the same employer that they worked for during their studies
  • we publish about 2 500 job and internship adverts annually to our students
  • In 2016, 13 % of our graduates found their job through us?

(Sources: School of Business/Finnish Business School Graduates Survey at the time of graduation and CareerWeb statistics)

Job Adverts

careerweb_en.gifCareer Services in the School of Business maintain a job portal, Aalto CareerWeb, in cooperation with other Aalto University schools Career Services. Placing adverts in CareerWeb is free of charge for employers. To enhance the visibility of your recruiting campaign, we also have several different marketing and event services.


Rules for internships vary a lot between different universities and even schools in the same university. Please read about the practises and rules at the School of Business before submitting an advert to CareerWeb.

Tips on how to reach students

Right timing and right content to the right audience

There are a few things to be considered when connecting with students at the Aalto University School of Business.


Teaching periods, exams, and vacations define students' academic year. We organize career-related events only during the teaching periods. Planning an event for our students should start with examining the timetable.

  • Teaching or recruiting-related activities are not organized during the exam periods

Academic calendar 2017–18

Autumn term 2017

Teaching/evaluation period Dates Week

Summer teaching period

Tue 1 Aug - Thurs 31 Aug 2017   

31  - 35

School-specific orientation

Mon 21 Aug - Fri 1 Sept 2017

34 - 35

1st evaluation period and orientations  

Mon 4 Sept – Fri 8 Sept 2017


Period I              

Evaluation week for Period I

Mon 11 Sept - Fri 27 Oct 2017

Mon  23 Oct -  Fri  27 Oct 2017

37 - 43


Period II

Evaluation week for Period II

Mon 30 Oct - Fri 15 Dec 2017

Mon 11 Dec - Fri 15 Dec 2017

44 - 50


2nd evaluation period

Mon 18 Dec - Fri 22 Dec 2017


  • There are no lectures on the ARENA Career Fair day on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 unless otherwise agreed with the teacher.

Spring term 2018

Teaching/evaluation period Dates Week

Period III

Evaluation week for Period III

Tue 2 Jan  - Fri 16 Feb 2018

Mon 12 Feb - Fri 16 Feb 2018  



Period IV

Evaluation week for Period  IV  

Mon 19 Feb - Fri 6 Apr 2018

Tue 3 Apr - Fri 6 Apr 2018    



Period V

Evaluation week for Period V

Mon 9 Apr  - Fri 25 May 2018

Mon 21 May  - Fri 25 May 2018  

15 - 21


Summer teaching period

Mon 28 May - Tue 31 July 2018

22 - 31

Courses are lectured from Monday to Friday. Lectures start on the hour in the mornings until noon and after midday the “academic quarter” will be added, which means that lectures start fifteen minutes past.

08.00 – 09.30
10.00 – 11.30
Lunch break
12.15 – 13.45
14.15 – 15.45
16.15 – 17.45 etc.

On the Otaniemi campus, lunch break is from 11.00 to 12.00 and there is no teaching during the lunch break.

Right Content

According to the Student Survey (Career Services 2013), students would like to hear about:

  • career stories from our alumni
  • what a typical workday is like
  • career opportunities
  • current vacancies

Right target audience

There are almost 4.000 degree students in the Aalto University School of Business (more facts & figures). Career Services mainly serves Bachelor's and Master's level students.

We have a number of different study programs. We will help you in choosing the best possible target audience. More about study programs.

Salary information and recommendations

According to a survey conducted by the School of Business for M.Sc. graduates at the time of graduation, the starting salary in 2016 was on average (including fringe benefits) 3877 €/month and median (incl. fringe benefits) 3350 €/month.

The Finnish Business School Graduates' salary recommendations for 2017

The Finnish Business School Graduates (Suomen Ekonomit) publishes annual salary recommendations for summer traineeships, for thesis work, and for recent graduates.

Starting salary for recent graduates

The Finnish Business School Graduates' starting salary recommendation for year 2017 is 3200 – 3500 euros/month. The salary recommendation is for work related to the graduate's educational background, permanent non-managerial tasks in the private sector, and when there is no previous long-term work experience acquired during the studies. The salary varies according to how demanding the job is, the applicant's previous work experience and the labor market situation.

Salary recommendations for students' summer traineeships 2017 (€/month)
Study points Helsinki metropolitan area Outside Helsinki area
< 120 2050 € 1920 €
120-180 2150 € 2000 €
181-220 2220 € 2070 €
220 < 2370 € 2200 €
Salary recommendations for Thesis work

If the student is employed at the company for the period of conducting the thesis, The Finnish Business School Graduates recommends a salary of 2400 euros/month. If the thesis is compensated with a lump sum settlement, the recommended amount is 7000 euros. If the thesis includes large or largeish project work, which in itself benefits the employer, the extra workload should also be taken into consideration in the lump sum settlement.

Source: The Finnish Business School Graduates

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