Partnership Programme – key to unique collaboration

Partnership Program at the School of Business builds and maintains long-term relationships between corporations and the School of Business. No other Finnish university has a program like ours. It’s a good gateway to other schools of Aalto University as well.

Anne Salonvaara
050 590 5620
anne.salonvaara [at] aalto [dot] fi

Partnership Program offers a clear model of co-operation and a structure that is based on Account Management service. These help us develop the partnerships with a clear goal in sight and strengthen them towards long-term strategic partnerships.

The partnerships last 2-3 years and the focus areas of collaboration are defined together. At the moment we have 12 companies in the program.


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What is the added value of a partnership?

Partnership Program offers companies a way to build, develop and maintain co-operation with internationally acknowledged Aalto University School of Business. The program is made of four parts. Each of them includes different services and possibilities for collaboration. Out of these options companies can choose the ones that fit their needs the best.

Account Management. This is the core of the collaboration. By steering and coordinating the co-operation can maintained and developed in the long-term.

Research Co-operation. Helps the partners make connections in academic community and is a way to use the knowledge of Aalto students to e.g. business development through Customized Business Projects.

Sharing of Knowledge. We can generate new ideas and expand expertise by building networks, offering meeting points and bringing together knowledge from both sides. Good examples are guest lectures, cases in teaching and Knowledge Sharing Breakfast events.

Visibility, Recruiting and Building Employer Brands. Ongoing visibility on campus, e.g. in form of Lecture Hall Sponsoring and actively participating in events arranged by our Career Services create positive image of a company as an employer.

Partnership Program offers:

  • Clear means and structures to build and maintain university collaboration
  • A solution that fits the needs of the company
  • Own contact person and possibility to develop partnership activities in the long run
  • A way to increase visibility and to develop employer brand with a clear goal
  • Valued contacts with students and an entrance to academic community
  • Possibility to share knowledge with the teaching and expert community
  • Fresh insights and access to sources of new knowledge


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