Alumni Advisory Board

Aalto University School of Business Alumni Advisory Board functions as advisor in developing the School's alumni relations.

Alumni Advisory Board steering group consists of 7–9 alumni representatives from the various study programmes of the School of Business and from different fields of business. The steering group meets approximately two times per year.

The members of the board also include the Chairman of the Board of Aalto University Business Students in Helsinki (KY) and representatives from the School of Business.

Alumni Advisory Board provides important insights and input concerning how to further develop the alumni activities of the School of Business (and Aalto University in general), helps to brainstorm on externally oriented activities, and supports the School of Business and Aalto University in their fundraising activities.

In addition, the board members participate in the selection of the Alumnus/Alumna of the year.

The nomination of Alumni Advisory Board members

The members of Alumni Advisory Board are appointed by Dean of the School of Business for two years. The members can be re-elected.


Riku Asikainen

Asikainen Riku 10x15 cm.jpgI started my studies in the School of Economics (current Aalto University School of Business) in 1990 and chose an exciting major, finance, along with 14 other brave fellow students.

I'm an entrepreneur and a growth company investor.

Your greetings to the students at Aalto University School of Business?

Go for it! Do projects, take risks, get to know everyone in your School, and in addition, go for an exchange abroad. Fall in love and live a happy life.



Salla Vainio

Salla Vainio 1667x2500px.jpgI studied in the former School of Economics during the years 1988–1994. My major was international business, and my minor was accounting.

I currently act as the CEO at Fondia Plc.

Your greetings to the students at Aalto University School of Business?

As a student of the School of Business, you have chosen very well – the studies will open great many work opportunities and do not delimit you from having several career paths. During the time of your studies, you should definitely be active also in other student-related events and activities; it will give you both great advantage and lots of joy also later on. Lifelong friendships are made NOW :)


Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko

Alahuhta-Kasko Tiina.jpgDuring the years 2000–2005, I studied international business as my major, and marketing and finance as my minors. I also completed the CEMS MIM degree.

At the moment, I act as the CEO at Marimekko.

Your greetings to the students at Aalto University School of Business?

Enjoy every moment when studying at the School of Business! I feel that I have gotten so much from the School: the logic of business-oriented thinking, a huge tool kit for life, and a lifelong circle of friends. As an alumna, I want to make sure our School develops also in the future for the following generations.


Paula Salovaara

Salovaara Paula.tif

I studied at Aalto Executive Education, and graduated from the Executive MBA programme in 2014.

Together with two of my colleagues, we founded a company called Räty-Salovaara-Blåfield in 2013, after working a long time at Helsingin Sanomat. Now we work with projects related to media and communications, and both as journalists and Communications Specialists. I also act in the boards of Miltton, LongPlay, and KSF Media.

Your greetings to the students at Aalto University School of Business?

When combined in the right proportion, being critical, curiosity, and laughter bring the best study results.


Matti Parpala

Parpala Matti.pngI'm a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration. My major subject was economics. I started studying in the School of Economics in 2005, and I graduated in 2012.

I'm currently the CEO at Smartum Palveluseteli.

Your greetings to the students at Aalto University School of Business?

I gained the best experiences and learnt the most by either being totally committed to my studies or working full-time outside the university – I wouldn't recommend doing something in between. Whenever it is possible, use the time you have to its fullest to discuss and reflect interesting things with amazingly smart people.


Timo Pantsari

Pantsari Timo.jpgI studied international business during the years 1999–2002 at the Mikkeli campus of the School of Business.

Few years ago, I moved back to Finland from England. My current title is Senior Advisor, which, in itself, does not tell much. I have specialised in cleaning large, problematic ICT projects, especially in the cases of multinational supply (e.g. India).

In addition, I manage big projects, in which new technology is being introduced in Finland for the first time (the so-called First-of-a-kind, FOAK-projects). I work as cross-industry consultant, meaning that I don't concentrate on a specific industry, but I try to be as good project manager as possible, despite the kind of industry. During the last 15 years, I have consulted in the fields of banking, insurance, trade, logistics, telecommunications, public administration, and the municipal sector. I have no favourite, but in all of those, there are good features.

Your greetings to the students at Aalto University School of Business?

Over the years, I have discussed with hundreds of students, especially when I have been lecturing at the School of Business. Year after year, the students ask how one can find work when we currently are facing difficult times at the job market. To this, I want to answer that there's really no need to worry! The students have felt the times difficult already since the beginning of 1990's, thus almost for 30 years now!

Once you graduate from the School of Business, you will be a wanted employee for many positions in various industries. Moreover, when you are able to stand out from the crowd as yourself, you will make it far. Currently, in the spring 2017, the job market looks brighter after a long time, thus you, who will be graduating in the near future, are lucky also in this sense! If you are about to graduate within a year, I suggest you check what kinds of trainee programmes especially the consulting companies are offering; they give you an excellent tool kit for working life.

Good luck with your studies!


Kaisa Vikkula


I completed my Master’s degree in the years 1980–1985, international economics as my major. After that I completed Doctoral’s degree in the School of Economics and the University of Michigan in the years 1990–1993.

I am the CEO of Soprano Plc and its subsidiary company, Management Institute of Finland MIF Oy.

Your greetings to the students at Aalto University School of Business?

Be curious in your studies. Take an advantage of the learning environment and discuss different subjects with your fellow students and teaching staff. Take part in student activities in different clubs, associations or in the start up community. You can practice in a safe environment and you will gain life-long friendships and valuable experience for your career.


Jaakko Eteläaho

Jaakko Eteläaho 150x225.jpg

I started my studies in 2002 and graduated in 2006. I studied finance as my major.

I work as a Director at Nordea Markets Investment Banking.

Your greetings to the students at Aalto University School of Business?

The School of Business gives you the best skills to succeed and opens up numerous opportunities.

The School’s spirit, high quality teaching and the community together create a first class group of fellow students also for the time after the studies. I urge everyone to face the opportunities with a broad and open mind.


Mika Suortti

Mika_Suortti 150x198.jpg

In the years 1984­­–1991, I studies systems engineering, computer science and accounting.

Nowadays I work as an Executive Search Consultant and Partner at Amrop Finland.

Your greetings to the students at Aalto University School of Business?

Do all the things you want during your studies: study, get to know new people, try something new – without forgetting to party!

As my great grandfather instructed my grandmother when she was starting her studies in the early 30’s: study eagerly, but remember also to enjoy and party. Later on, I was given the same advice from my grandmother.


Jari Huikku

Huikku_Jari_04.jpgDuring the years 1993–2009, I graduated as Licentiate of Science and Doctor of Science, both in economics and business administration.

At the moment, I work as an Assistant Professor at the School of Business, Department of Accounting.

Your greetings to the students at Aalto University School of Business?

Make the most out of your studies, but I suggest you also graduate before long.




Mika Raulas



The members of the board also include the School of Business Dean Ingmar Björkman, School of Business Head of External Relations, school's alumna Jonna Söderholm, Alumni Relations Coordinator Emilia Karlén, and the Chairman of the Board of Aalto University Business students in Helsinki (KY).

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