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Definition of an alumnus

Alumnus/alumna is a person

  • who has attended and graduated from a particular university
  • who is a current or former member, employee, or contributor of a university. 

How to become a part of the alumni community?

Once you graduate from the Aalto University School of Business, you'll become an alumni. If you want to take part in the alumni activities and learn also in which different ways to support your alma mater, you can sign up as a member in Aalto University's alumni network. The alumni activity is voluntary.

Alumni Relations Office aims at establishing a constructive spirit among the university community, its alumni and the surrounding society and wants to foster active cooperation between the University community and its alumni.

The alumni network is an active and established part of the community and plays a central role in the student/enterprise cooperation of the University, as well as the development of education and research activities, thus producing added value for the University and the alumni.

The alumni activities aim at a lifetime partnership between the University and the alumni. Acting as alumnus gives you the possibility to influence the development of Aalto University School of Business alumni activities, and a natural channel towards student contacts.

School of Business Alumni activity

In the School of Business, we have established two forms of alumni cooperation, which both involve our most active alumni to support their alma mater, the School of Business, in the areas of teaching, research, and societal impact.

First of these groups, Alumni Advisory Board, discusses policies related to the School's alumni activities, external relations, and fundraising.

The second, Alumni Ambassadors, consists of 40 active alumni, who serve as a bridge between students, School, and business life. The role of Alumni Ambassadors is to act as a messenger for other alumni and introduce the School’s activities. The Ambassadors also communicate to the younger generation of students about the toolkit the School provides for working life purposes.

Get to know the members of Alumni Advisory Board, and get a closer look at our Alumni Ambassadors!

Contact information

Emilia Karlén
Alumni Relations Coordinator
Aalto University School of Business
alumni-biz [at] aalto [dot] fi


Join the network

More than 14.000 alumni have signed up for the School of Business alumni activity. Why not you too!

  • Become a member of our alumni network by signing up in AlumniNET (

Joining the alumni network of Aalto University provides you with a wide variety of benefits. Through the network you can easily engage with your friends and colleagues and stay in touch with your school after graduation. You will also receive news and information from Aalto University and your school and be the first to know about continuing education and other opportunities to update your know-how.

If you have studied or worked at Aalto University or any of its founding universities, you are eligible to join the unique alumni network of Aalto University. Participants to student or researcher exchange programmes are also welcome to join the network.

The Aalto University alumni network is now a network of over 40,000 experts and friends in 80 different countries. Joining does not bind you to anything and you can always choose how actively you want to participate.

Alumni benefits

Joining the alumni network offers you a wide range of benefits and opportunities:

  • Opportunities for networking with influential actors, experts and students both from your own field and across disciplines
  • Information on research results and what is happening at the University
  • Information on continuing education, opportunities for postgraduate education and the courses available at the Open University
  • Email for life: firstname.lastname [at] alumni [dot] aalto [dot] fi
  • Various forums for your own development
  • Opportunities to participate in the development of the University and promoting the growth of students into experts
  • Invitations to University events
  • Newsletter to your email
  • Aalto University Magazine four times a year


Please fill in the online form below if you want to receive information about what's going on at the School of Business. We will keep you posted on upcoming Alumni events and other important updates through our newsletter.

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