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Management / Deans

Dean Ingmar Björkman


Dean Ingmar Björkman, D.Sc. (Econ.), (born 1959) received his PhD from the Hanken School of Economics (Finland) after completing parts of his studies at Stanford University. Prior to joining Aalto University, Dean Björkman was Professor of Management and Organization at the Hanken School of Economics, where he also worked as the Dean of Research and Internationalization and the Head of the Department of Management and Organization.

Having taught at a number of business schools in Europe and Asia, Dean Björkman has received teaching awards from Hanken School of Economics, Fudan University (Shanghai), and INSEAD (Singapore).

Dean Björkman’s research area is International Management, with a particular focus on people management issues in multinational corporations.


Vice Dean Seppo Ikäheimo

[Image:ikaheimoseppo_01.jpg]Vice Dean Seppo Ikäheimo, D.Sc. (Econ.), (born 1963) is Professor of Accounting, with a particular focus on Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation. Ikäheimo is the Director of the Aalto University School of Business Bachelor´s Programme in Helsinki. He has been at Aalto University School of Business (formerly Helsinki School of Economics) since 1999.

Seppo Ikäheimo has visited a number of foreign universities as a visiting teacher and researcher.

As Vice Dean, Professor Seppo Ikäheimo is responsible for teaching and learning.


Vice Dean Timo Saarinen

[Image:saarinentimo.jpg]Professor of Information Systems Science Timo Saarinen is appointed to the position of Vice Dean of research and international cooperation of the School of Business for the period 1 August 2015−31 December 2017.






Corporate Advisory Board (CAB)

Corporate Advisory Board's (CAB) purpose is to support the School’s leadership in an ongoing effort to enhance the School’s position as a world-class business school.

Aalto University School of Business Corporate Advisory Board:

  • acts in an advisory position to the leadership of the School with the aim to inform and further strengthen the engagement between the School and society, the corporate sector in particular
  • promotes the School’s abilities to access non-academic sources of know-how and other resources to shape its long-term development
  • ensure that the School through its research and educational programmes addresses the current and future needs of companies and society.

The CAB is made up of distinguished leaders from the corporate sector and society at large. The memebers are President Kari Jordan, CEO Matti Vuoria, CEO Elina Björklund, MSc (Econ.) Arto Hiltunen, CEO Pekka Laaksonen, Executive Vice President Pii Kotilainen, and Dean Ingmar Björkman.

Alumni Steering Board (ASB)

Alumni Advisory Board discusses alumni activity, the school's external relations and fundraising.The goal of the Alumni Advisory Board is to support its alma mater in the areas of teaching, research and societal impact.

The members of the advisory board are a versatile representation of School of Business alumni, and the board is chaired by the Alumnus of the Year of the School of Business, angel investor Riku Asikainen. The members of the board also include Aatto Prihti (Former chancellor of the Helsinki School of Economics), Salla Vainio (Managing Director at Fondia), Paula Salovaara (Journalist /Entrepreneur, Räty-Salovaara-Blåfield), Timo Pantsari (Senior Managing Consultant, CISA at IBM), Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko (President at Marimekko), Matti Parpala (Chairperson of the Board, Frank Students), Ingmar Björkman (Dean), Katja Kolehmainen (Assistant Professor, Accounting), Jonna Söderholm (Head of External Relations), Henna Immonen (Alumni Relations Manager), and Johanna Lassy (Communications Specialist). The Chairman of the Board of the Association of Economics Students in Helsinki (KY) is also a member of the Alumni Advisory Board.

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